Captured By Becs | About
I am a firm believer that you should photograph everything that is important to you - be it your family and friends, pets, home, events, favourite places, hobbies, even your job. But most importantly, you should have photographs of you.

Nobody is perfect and it is these imperfections that make you who you are. They are the reasons your partner chose you, the reason your children are both mortified and captivated by you in equal measures, the reason your friends love you and why your parents are unequivocally proud of you. They are also the things that make a photograph - the gappy smile of a small child having lost their front teeth, the stretch marks adorning a pregnant bump, the scars and wrinkles on the face of the grumpy old relative! They all tell a story and that story is far stronger than the self doubts we have about our imperfections.

In this, I like to take photographs of the whole family. Get everyone involved! There is something uniquely beautiful about a soft newborn baby laid along the arm of her tattooed father, the fresh face of a toddler snuggled into his grandfathers weather beaten cheek and the stylish young teenager linking arms with her dungaree adorned mother! There is also a definite place in any photo shoot for the family pets, dads classic car, babies favourite teddy, whatever is special to you and yours.

Photo shoots can be undertaken almost anywhere, but ideally in a place that is significant, be that at home, in the garden or a favoured family destination. I also have a portable studio which is great for all types of photography, but especially for newborn, maternity and fun family shots.

So whilst you are mulling over the location, subjects and type of photo shoot you would like, I'll leave you with this thought......

'Memories last your entire lifetime, but if you photograph them, they will last through someone else's too.'